Yellow Wallpaper Choker

Yellow Wallpaper Choker


From INTRA Collection.

Hand-dyed and diluted blue choker with dark blue-dyed edging. A combination of brass and nickel hardware with handle and grommet detail. 

1.5" wide with nickel buckle.

Select your neck measurement above. Please refer to photograph for neck size measurement selection (e.g. where the piece rests on the neck and where you should measure) and round to the nearest measurement selection if in-between. You are selecting your neck measurement, not the size of the choker itself. Each necklace is made to order so please allow up to two weeks for production.

Since each Sanguis Ornatus piece is made to order so please make sure to measure correctly. Depending on the piece, adjustments may be able to be arranged for an adjustment fee. Please contact with any questions.  

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